Antany Peter


Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Antany’s dream of changing the world started with himself, at the age of 14 he had understood that education leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to power. When he was 16 years old he had completed reading about Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior and President Abraham Lincoln. When he was 17 years old he had started to ask questions about the civil war and its legitimacy. He clearly comprehended that India did not take arms to fight for its freedom, but creating Tamil armed groups and supplying arms was making no sense. The people around him didn’t answer his questions about the civil war’s legitimacy but quickly undermined his knowledge and credibility, because he was a teenager and inexperienced in politics and real life. When he was twenty years old he had arrived in Australia to feed his knowledge further, in order to make this world a better place. 

Antany has completed postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management and Bachelor of Business from the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a professional accountant. He has read more than three hundred books to understand world history, cultures, languages, communism, capitalism, human development includingdemocracy, global economics and international politics. Furthermore, he has done two pieces of research. His first research piece was ‘What are the stumbling blocks for Asians to prosper as the world’s majority in Asia, as well as in the world?’ His second research piece was ‘What made the Western countries so powerful, and what does it take them to keep their power?’ For both pieces of research he chose the research materials because the western countries would not support this kind of information to equip billions of Asians, or tell the world how they have been ruling the world, and how are they intending to carry-on.

Antany has also lived in four continents and travelled to over 25 countries around the world to understand cultures, local economy and political systems. His is a passionate intellectual when it comes to enlightening others through his knowledge and speaking out for the people who cannot speak for themselves, especially for the Australian Aboriginal people. His writings about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples struggles nationally and internationally has prompted the Australian government to apologise to the Stolen Generations. He adores this world and her people for that particular reason, he continues to write what is good for her people. He does not focus on the hardships that he faces due to the actions that he has taken, but only on his hope and dream that the injustice will turn to justice. He urges everyone to be part of the change and human development, for this reason alone he encourages you to share this website with others.


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